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1.    The goods travel at customer’s risk and peril though sold free-destination. The customer is responsible for good inspection at delivery. Any defect regarding the goods supplied must be communicated in writing within eight days from receipt of the goods. Walco will handle the fault claims and those imputable (for example default between goods ordered and goods delivered, inconsistent goods etc..) by law rules.

2.    The supplier is not liable and not responsible for any damage caused to a person o by improper use of the sold goods.

3.    Walco will respects the delivery date agreed upon within a week, nevertheless the delivery date might be subject to changes due to independent causes from production planning, in this case the customer will not be notified in prior. In case a delivery date or a note as ‘’urgent’’ is expressively specified in the order, Walco applies standard delivery time of 4 working weeks.
No direct or indirect indemnity claim is accepted due to delayed delivery.

4.    The accuracy of the samples is guaranteed, except regarding tolerance margins due to the product characteristics ( colors, material, dimensions) caused by environmental factors (light, humidity etc…) and to intrinsic nature of the wood or stone of which the changes are to be considered a product feature that characterizes the product. As for the products being sold, Walco guarantees the conformity as far as indicated in the pricelist. Nevertheless, in case of difficulty of deliveries of the constructing manufacturer due to eventual changes from the supplier part. Walco reserves the right to use equivalent products of suppliers other than the default latter supplier, in conformity with the characteristics and functionality of the product being substituted.

5.    Production of out of standard elements can be executed after feasibility approval confirmed by Walco. Such elements will be charged with a supplement that is established independently case by case according to the entity of the out of standard realization.

6.    With reference to constant improvement of the product, Walco reserves the right to add small modifications to the design if no negative effect is caused to the product.

7.    Walco do not accept return of goods if not authorized. The customer should pay maximum care to the delivery of the goods to avoid further unnecessary damages.

8.    The goods remain supplier’s property until full payment is effected, this until the last settlement payment. Only after full payment the goods become buyer’s property.

9.    For tax regulations requirements, the transport documents and the invoice are detailed description of each single component being loaded for transportation.

10.    This price list annuls and supersedes any previous price list. The prices are VAT excluded.

11.    Any legal dispute or any contraversy arising between the two parties shall be subject to the JURISDICTION OF TREVISO.