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In a constantly evolving market, Walco has found its dimension in recent years in a niche market for office furniture and a strong expansion in the sector of furniture for the community.


It is in this area that the company will have to continue its organizational growth in order to be able to achieve its objectives with the commitment of the whole organization in understanding and meeting the requirements of its customers.


In this sense, the Quality system must be a vehicle to achieve the purpose described above, so that there can be:


• an increasing synergy between the companies of the Corazzin group;

 • high flexibility to customer requests;

 • a guarantee of high product quality and service rendered;

 • a range of products that is always up to date and in line with the market;


Through the annual objective plan, these intents find measurable objectives and commitments for their achievement.




Cison di Valmarino, 07 January 2020



General direction

Ivan Colletto